The following proposal for a contra-flow bike lane was considered as part of Kilbirnie Connections in early 2018 however Councillors  agreed that any decisions on this should happen as part of developing safe biking routes in Berhampore, Newtown and Mt Cook.   

Proposed in 2018: Contra-flow bike lane in lower Wilson Street

Why this solution?

A contra-flow lane on lower Wilson Street would be part of the biking connection between Newtown and Kilbirnie. The design proposed in 2018 would be appropriate for this relatively quiet one-way street with less traffic and low vehicle speeds.

Proposed impacts:
  • On the one-way section of Wilson Street, 15 parking spaces would be removed on the southern side of the road. Four angle parking bays would be added at the Daniell Street intersection. 
  • The width of the traffic lane would be narrowed slightly from 3.2m to 3m.
  • The short section of footpath at the end of Wilson Street (next to Riddiford Street) would become a shared path.
  • There would be a new section of shared path next to the footpath behind the proposed angle parking at Daniell Street.

Read the full Traffic Resolution Report (578KB PDF) and plans (3MB PDF)

Community feedback

We have received feedback from the community about this project. Click here to view the summary graphs.

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Consultation on traffic changes 

Read a summary of feedback (PDF 95KB) and all public submissions (PDF 855KB).

Councillor decisions 

Sharrow road markings on the two-way upper section of Wilson Street, and any changes for the one-way lower section of Wilson Street to be considered as part of community engagement for Newtown Connections.

Why this solution?
  • For upper Wilson Street, Option A (bike lanes on both sides of the road) had the most community support but Option C (sharrows) was considered more appropriate at this time. It was felt the safety gains to be had from Option A were not sufficient to justify the significant parking loss that would be required. Option C works well with this section of Wilson Street and the connection to Coromandel Street, Constable Street and Crawford Road, and is appropriate for this relatively quiet street with less traffic and low vehicle speeds.
  • Lower Wilson Street is now part of the Newtown Connections project. Councillors decided in March 2018 that any decisions about this part of the street should be made as part of developing safe biking routes in Berhampore, Newtown and Mt Cook. 
Community feedback on options

Options for both sections of Wilson Street were put forward for community feedback in September 2017. See the feedback on the options for upper Wilson Street and lower Wilson Street.

See the options that were consulted on for upper Wilson Street and lower Wilson Street.

Proposal for Wilson Street (one-way)

Looking towards the Daniel Street intersection

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