Project timeline and construction updates

Keep up to date with how the project is going, and understand the process so far. New events will be added as the project progresses.

25 January 2021 Work under way in Kio Bay

Work will be happening in February and March 2021 to excavate and lay the next section of the two-way bike path and footpath through Kio Bay.

Traffic is down to one lane in this area during the day (Monday to Friday, 9am-4pm) so work can be safely carried out adjacent to the road. A temporary  30km/h speed limit is in place at all times.

As with other areas where work on this route has been happening, people on bikes either need to share the slower speed traffic lane, or walk bikes through the pedestrian detour. 

The new kerb line and concrete buffer adjacent to the road will be laid in February. The new concrete footpath and asphalt bike path will be laid in March.

A new pedestrian crossing is being installed just east of Kio Road as part of the project. 

Citybound buses are stopping in the usual spot in Kio Bay, but the eastbound stop has been temporarily located further east near Greta Point.

When it is reinstated, it will look and operate like the one completed last year at Ōmarukaikuru/Pt Jerningham. It will have an area next to the kerb where people can wait and get on and off buses, and red markings on the new bike path to encourage people riding to take extra care.

How ever you are moving through this area, thanks for being patient, and please take extra care.


December 2020 Oriental Bay to Little Karaka Bay completed

The section between Oriental Bay and Little Karaka Bay is now complete, including the new seawalls and landscaping at Ōmarukaikuru / Point Jerningham.

26 October 2020 Construction under way between Weka Bay and Greta Point

Work is under way on the new walking and biking paths between Weka Bay and Greta Point. Contractors have moved to this section of the route while the detailed design on the section between Little Karaka Bay and Balaena Bay is completed. They have started at the Greta Point end, slightly north of NIWA near the bike crossover point, and are working back towards Weka Bay. Construction on this section will take about eight months.

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24 June 2020 Viewing platform panels craned into place More Less

Concrete panels that make up one of the viewing platforms along the seawall are craned into place.

February 2020 Ōmarukaikuru / Point Jerningham to Little Karaka Bay More Less

Work on the section of new walking and biking paths between Ōmarukaikuru / Point Jerningham and Little Karaka Bay is under way.