Cycle network documents

Cycling Framework 2015

The aim of the framework is to clearly show how the network can be developed, providing clarity and consistency, and helping us to decide the order in which we create different parts of the cycle network.

Cycling Framework 2015 (1.2MB PDF)

NZTA Review

NZ Transport Agency Review of Wellington City Council's Urban Cycleways Programme, May 2016 (1.3MB PDF)

Wellington City Cycle Network Strategic Case

This document outlines the strategic context for investment in the Wellington cycle network, the case for change and the need for investment.  The document:

  • outlines the strategic context and fit for the proposed investment
  • identifies the key problem or rationale for investing
  • identifies the potential benefits of investing.

It was originally provided in support of an application for funding to develop a Programme Business Case for the Wellington City Cycle Network. 

Wellington City Cycle Network Strategic Case (811KB PDF)

Wellington Cycleways Programme Master Plan

This a guide for the Council to deliver new cycling infrastructure that best meets the community’s needs. It outlines the cycling infrastructure and safety and engagement activities that are proposed, with a focus on work to be done in the first 3 years. It also explains how:

  • we will prioritise the development of the cycle network
  • the new cycling infrastructure will connect key locations throughout the city
  • the new cycling infrastructure will increase the number of people who choose to get around by bike.

Wellington Cycleways Programme Master Plan (2.8MB PDF)

Cycling Demand Analysis

This research, conducted between March and June 2014, investigates how providing different types of cycling infrastructure (lanes or other safety improvements) is likely to affect the numbers of people choosing to cycle  in Wellington. The objectives were to assess the: 

  • relative importance of different attributes of cycling infrastructure for current and potential cyclists, such as route directness, slope, and route type
  • demand for cycling infrastructure improvement among current and potential cyclists
  • potential increase in cycling given the hypothetical construction of cycling routes in Wellington, particularly the Island Bay to city cycle route.

Cycling Demand Analysis (1.5MB PDF)

Island Bay to city strategic documents

Island Bay Cycleway - Final Design

The Transport & Urban Development Committee approved the final design for the Island Bay cycleway in December 2014. Some changes were made to address concerns raised by the public and by the Island Bay Cycleway Working Party.

Island Bay Cycleway – Working Party Report

The Council set up a working party to review the Transport & Urban Development Committee's recommendations relating to the Island Bay Cycleway.

Island Bay Cycleway - Working Party Report (1MB PDF)

Island Bay Cycleway Post-Construction Road Safety Audit

The Council commissioned the independent safety audit of the pedestrian, cycling and public transport improvement works along The Parade, Island Bay, between Dee Street and Reef Street. The audit says the project is safe but identifies a number of ways safety can be improved. 

Island Bay Cycleway Post-Construction Road Safety Audit (1.6MB PDF)

An independent peer review of the safety audit supports the findings.

Island Bay Cycleway Post-Construction Road Safety Audit – Peer Review (630KB PDF)

Wellington Cycleway Feasibility Study - Island Bay to CBD - Preliminary Funding Report

The Council commissioned this cycleway feasibility study for a corridor linking the suburb of Island Bay and the central business district (CBD). The study investigated a wide range of alternatives. The study:

  • concluded that this cycling corridor has a high strategic fit with the Government’s policy objectives 
  • recommended a scheme that would cater to the needs of both new and existing cyclists, and achieve the policy outcomes effectively, giving value for money. 

Wellington Cycleway Feasibility Study - Island Bay to CBD - Preliminary Funding
Report (3.7MB PDF) | Appendices (11.8MB PDF)