Project in development: Two-way bike path at kerb height on the Maupuia side of Miramar Avenue

Councillors approved this section of the Miramar Town Centre project on 23 November 2017

What’s next?  

The next stage of this project is to complete the detailed design, construction plans, and pre-construction safety audit. It's likely construction will happen in 2020.



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A two-way bike path at kerb height separates people on bikes from the traffic, and encourages less-confident riders to use the path.

The two-way bike path through Miramar cutting will connect Miramar with the Cobham Drive and Evans Bay bike paths now under construction, and the safer new bike routes in Kilbirnie and to Newtown. It would also link to other proposed routes in Miramar and future phase 2 options for Miramar Avenue in the town centre. 

  • 3m-wide two-way bike path between the road and the footpath on the Maupuia side of Miramar Avenue between Shelly Bay Road and Tauhinu Road
  • 2m-wide footpath on both sides of Miramar Avenue between Shelly Bay Road and Tauhinu Road
  • Two bus stops between Maupuia Road and Tauhinu Road would need to be modified so traffic lights could be installed at the Miramar Avenue/Tauhinu Road intersection, if these are required
  • Bus stop at the bottom of Maupuia Road relocated further up Maupuia Road to make room for pedestrians and bikes to cross the road
  • Existing no-parking lines on the eastern side of Maupuia Road extended from the Miramar Avenue intersection to the existing southbound bus stop - to improve safety around the relocated northbound bus stop
  • 5m of no-parking lines would need to be installed on the eastern side of Tauhinu Road to allow traffic lights at the Miramar Avenue/Tauhinu Road intersection if these are required
  • Traffic lights installed at the Shelly Bay Road/Miramar Avenue intersection
  • One tree on the Maupuia side of Miramar Avenue, near the Tauhinu Road intersection may need removing or relocating
  • Likely uptake for people on bikes: High increase


 Read the Traffic Resolution report.


Enterprise Miramar Peninsula, a group of local business people, and Wellington City Council transport planners have looked for the best ways to redevelop Miramar Avenue, while balancing the competing demands on this very busy stretch of road.  

Their plan takes into account the needs of residents and businesses while enhancing the urban environment.  

The plan covers lane widths, speeds, painted median strips, driveways, existing safety issues, roundabouts and bus stops.  


We have received feedback from the community about this project. Click here to view the summary graphs.