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Paneke Pōneke - Draft Bike Network Plan 2021

The network will connect suburbs to the city centre and destinations, helping to get people of all ages and abilities from where they live to where they work, study, shop and spend time. Take a look at the network maps and our plan.

Draft Bike network plan consultation final Nov 2021 (5.1 MB)

Bike network plan traffic resolution

This is a legal description of all the streets in the bike network.

Bike network plan traffic resolution (293 KB)

Parking Policy

The parking policy provides a framework to guide future decision-making on the management of all Council-controlled parking spaces. This includes off-street parking and on-street parking, both free-of-charge (unrestricted) and those which incur a user-charge. Off-street parking includes parking areas at any of the Council’s parks, sports, recreation and other community facilities; and any off-street parking buildings that the Council controls.

Wellington City Council Parking Policy (585KB PDF)