Parking in the wider Newtown area

 Image depicting busy street in Newtown

In coming years there will be less space available for street parking in the wider Newtown area. As the city’s population grows, the area will get busier, and changes will be made to some streets to make them safer and easier for walking, riding bikes and using public transport.

Newtown parking study

In April 2019, we assessed the street parking use and capacity in the wider Newtown area. The parking study is part of the detailed planning we need to do before transport changes can be developed in the wider Newtown area.



parking spaces surveyed


streets surveyed

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The Council's Parking Policy provides the guiding principles for the management and supply of on-street parking in Wellington City, which has impacts for the wider Newtown area. 


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The parking study for the wider Newtown area looked at: 
  • how much on-street parking is available in different locations
  • the types of on-street parking in these areas, such as coupon parking, time-restricted, residents parking, unrestricted (free) parking
  • where people parked
  • how long they parked. 
Vehicles that were parked in these locations were classified as being:
  • residents (people likely to be parking near where they live), or
  • long-stay ‘visitors’ (such as people likely to be parking all day for work), or
  • short-stay ‘visitors’ (such as people parking while they shop).

The study took place over two days during the week and two weekend days in April 2019. The weekday data was combined to get a picture of what happens during a typical weekday, and the same was done for the weekend data to get a typical weekend.

All on-street parking in the area between Dee Street in Island Bay, the Basin Reserve in Mt Cook, the west end of Britomart Street, and Alexandra Road in Mt Victoria was included in the study.

Parking was recorded hourly in the areas away from the suburban town centres, and at 15-minute intervals within the town centres.

Read more in the parking survey background report (PDF 3.2MB)